Protein Balls - Orange Cocoa (6 Packs)

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Let the zesty goodness of orange and the rich taste of cocoa delight your taste buds with every bite of these high-energy high-flavour protein balls.
Kibi Kibi Protein balls are packed with natural wholesome ingredients, ready to give you a nutritious boost any time of the day.

Healthy Vegan Protein balls – Plant Based – Naturally sweetened – gluten-free – Dairy Free – Get 11 g of protein at one go – easy to carry, easier to eat – Tasty Healthy Snack – Goodness of orange and cocoa.

Start your Protein Routine with Kibi Kibi zest orange protein balls.
Convenient to carry around for gym, travel, school, office and around.
No compromise on the taste.
Cope up with your Dessert Cravings with sugar-free protein balls.
Treat yourself to healthy yet delicious goodness.
Nibble on Nature-Approved Snack.
Take a healthy bite out of hunger.
Blended with the rich plant protein.


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