Bliss Balls - Cocoa Cherry Carnival ( 5 Packs )

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Chewy sweet cherries and rich cocoa, blended with dates, nuts and seeds. Think of your favourite birthday cake. Isn’t every day worth celebrating?

At Kibi Kibi, our goal is to put the joy of food back into food.

We’re obsessed with making stress - free goodies that are as high on purity and nutrition as they are on taste. Because we believe good food should be no other way.

A box of 5 packs (30gm each)

What goes inside

-Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds
-Green & Black Raisins
-Cashew & Pistachios
-Cocoa Solids
-Himalayan Pink Salt
-Vitamin E
(Contains nature identical flavouring substances: Chocolate and Cherry)

Nutritional Information


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